Monday, September 07, 2015

Doing what you love, and at the same time getting paid for it can be very rewarding. Today, I was hired as a photographer for a christening event by my aunt who was an event coordinator. Truth be told, I was bloody nervous but later on feeling thankful because I landed my first work as a freelancer by working with my relatives. I get to navigate and learn the ropes without being judge (first times can be very traumatizing when people judge you for not doing a good job). I have so much to learn and so much to improve. If I will turn this in to a living, I would probably need an expensive lens which I cannot provide at the moment lol. Thank you, God for the opportunity, and for the good weather. To more jumping outside my comfort zone (yes! A lot of jumping will be happening in my life this month), and to more blessings to come. Bonsoir!

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“If there's one thing I've learned, it's this: We all want everything to be okay. We don't even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”
- David Levithan