Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I always kept a gratitude journal in the past because I have a low self-esteem and my Aunt advised me to do one. It was really therapeutic -- to be able to write down everything that I'm thankful for, even the smaller things/victories. I don't know when and why I stopped doing it but I would love to start again. A lot of good things had happened to me lately and I'm writing it here in my blog before the thoughts will start to wilt away in my head. I will try to be vague at some point because some things are meant to be kept within myself. :) 

Him. I am always thankful for Him. Last week, I had an interview for a new job; and knowing me, I have this fear of talking in public and sometimes, with strangers. I know its pretty normal to be scared with interviews but I get anxiety attacks (palms sweating, negative thoughts starts to crowd my mind, my body turns cold, jumpy) and I walk away and decide not go with the process which is not the right thing to do. I know I'm smart and I can speak english well but I always underestimate myself. I have a mild OCD and I obsessively think worse in situations (what if I answer wrongly? What if I start to stutter? Will he judge me?). Anyway, I prayed to him to give me an interviewer whom I won't find intimidating. And to my surprise, he gave me an interviewer who is a Josenian alumna just like me. Lord, you have a funny way of answering my prayers. Thank you.

Confidence. I don't know where I found this boldness but I'm trying to control my anxieties now and face every scary things head-on. I started to stand up for myself too.

Save more. I started learning how to be financially smart but I'm postponing my plans to start doing so because I'm planning to buy a new phone haha

Family and friends. Because they are always there to support me on my decisions.

Sponsor. That's a secret.

Lessen my social media accounts. I want my life to be more private but don't worry, I'm active on twitter because I find it therapeutic to post what's on my mind and I can be spontaneous. I like it more because nobody cares. I'm still undecided whether I should delete my instagram account or not.

New hobby. This year, I started doing brush lettering, and watercolor.

Unwind. To keep me sane.

Television shows and online articles. It keeps me informed and entertained. 

Photographs. What way to tell a story?

Books. I love books. My latest read was Every Last Word by Tamara Ireland Stone. That book inspired me to write this post.

Coffee. Ahh who doesn't love coffee?

Hot shot roll. My current favorite maki from Red Kimono.

Words and Journals. Because without them, how can I express myself?

Thinking if I should post like this more in the future. What do you think? :)

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