Thursday, November 19, 2015

I've been dying to learn how to do flatlay and minimalist photography for a long time. And I wanted it to have that clean monochromatic look. Last two weeks, I had this overwhelming idea to just try and do it. Pinterest pins and instagram posts make it seem like its so easy but maaaaaan, it was hard. I don't consider myself that creative and organized and this is not my forte. I'm good at landscapes and fashion shoots so this is a challenge. Anyway, you need to have the patience and rearrange things the right way. And the vital part is you need a clean white background or any color you want depending on your preference. We don't have white tables and white walls in our house so I have to improvise and use white sheets and a white cartolina (it was also a struggle because the size wasn't enough). These two pictures you see here in this post are my two first attempts. I'm quite satisfied with the outcome considering my hands were shaking the entire time. Its hard to shoot photos downward. Its also hard when you use dslr not unless you use a tripod. I only used my iphone.

I just want to push myself to do something that is more challenging and .. more mature. Like monochromatic mature hahaha I mean I've grown up loving colorful things especially pink. Seeing professional photographers and bloggers doing these clean monochromatic photos, I instantly fell in love. They made me fall in love with black and white too. They are so classy! Right? :) And you can't go wrong with black and white clothes. I know, I'm just realizing that now.

I'm still thinking if I should buy a new compact camera (I have the Fujifilm x30 in mind. Why not interchangeable lens camera? Because I can't afford to buy expensive lenses and I already have a dslr to do that job) so I don't have to bring my heavy dslr with me all the time (I want to ignite my passion for photography again). Or buy a new iphone (the rose gold is tempting) next year. If only I can afford to buy both but I have other priorities. So by then, I'm going to torture myself by reading online reviews, and think what weighs best in the end (my friend's voice in the background saying, "wants vs needs". urgh). Have a good day folks!

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