Monday, August 31, 2015

I was hired as a photographer to take pictures of this baby, Drew Mascara. It was my first time to  get paid in doing what I love. And it was my first time to photograph a baby (serious) and I thought it was easy but damn, it was the hardest I've done. It was hard to make him sleep so all of my planned poses/shoots went outside the window so I decided to just do candid shots instead. I feel bad and embarrassed though because I was paid to do the job but I couldn't give them a lot of good photos. Indoor photography is not one of my strong suit mainly because I don't have the right lens and lights to do the job. Oh well, at least I get to experience it.

Baby, why didn't you sleep? You made my job harder than it already is hahaha muaa <3

I couldn't get him to be completely naked. Yes, maybe I'm not that good in handling babies (even though I love them!).

Our failed studio hahaha

I don't understand the angle hahaha

The family.

P.S.: How can I love photography so much but feel uncomfortable doing it with people I'm not closed to or doing it professionally? I still prefer to do it as a hobby.

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  1. Nice man yen. Add balloons next time. 😊

  2. Nice man yen. Add balloons next time. 😊

  3. Nice man yen. Add balloons next time. 😊

    1. lisod carl. limited space for my limited 50mm lens. cge lng next time. first time eh :)


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