Color Manila Run: Cebu

Monday, June 01, 2015

Color Manila Run held an event here in Cebu yesterday at South Road Properties. The registration started at 4:30 AM which is too early for me, who isn't an early riser. lol. I haven't slept one bit before the event started so I was basically in a zombie mode. I kept complaining that I just want to stay in bed and sleep but I'm glad I pushed through because the event was so fun and fulfilling. 

It felt good to join with people who are in to this kind of event and their energy is so contagious that I had to just go with the flow and have fun as well. But I still want  to run for a cause though. 

And it felt even better to push through my haziness just by staring at the sunrise. I love sunrise! :)

Matching colors. :)

Happy that the first burst of color was pink! :)

The party truck at the 3KM stop.

Went  to this event with these three jolly people: Carla, Shai and Sheena.

Grabbed this from my friend and our faces are so funny. lol

Not the cleanest but definitely not the dirtiest. 

Asked for a picture with this funny korean gal.

Isn't it obvious that I love this pink color manila balloon? :D

With our high school - college buddy, Mari Dominc.

With our medals. :)

And then the countdown for the party (opening of the colored packets) is about to start ..

There was this moment of sheer panic where I can't see and it was getting harder to breathe because of the colored powder being loosed. I swear my mind was shouting at me "you're gonna die!" hoho .. then the moment passed and I was just laughing because I told them that when I get an x-ray after this, my lungs would be so colorful hahahaha

We were so colorful. They even called me "Barney". Yup that big dinosaur. urgh.

These boys who asked for my picture and then my friends joined in. They do realize that I don't look pretty with this colored face, right? Lol.

It was colorful and sweaty .. eeek!

How do you like my new skin and hair color? Haha.

With the famous Naruto. He's japanese and a great dancer who won the dance contest by vote. My hand position which I just realized were wrong haha

It was this wild!!

I didn't bring enough blankets to cover my car seats. Ohh well.

Ended the event with my high school friends at Mcdonalds.


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