Monday, September 21, 2015

You may think I'm posting this just to brag that I bought expensive things, but I'm posting this because I'm proud of myself. I bought these things because I worked for it, and I deserve it. I don't normally go and spend money on grander things except if its my birthday, Christmas or if I really really want that particular object (and if the price is justifiable). If you know me well, I'm really tight when it comes to money, and I do a lot of saving. I don't like to call myself a tightwad because I spend on small things, and I lend or give money to those in need. I'm a compassionate person, and I do charity works when I can. So excuse my language, but fuck those people who judged me. I think judging people you don't know for things you don't understand is stupid. I'm a sensitive person, and some days you just can't ignore negative comments. But I've learned the hard way not to let any negativity get in to me. And you are welcome to unfollow me on any social media accounts I have anytime. So to those who can relate, just do whatever makes you happy.

On the positive note, I bought these two shoes as an advance gift to myself. I've been meaning to buy a shoe for the past months, but it was a struggle to find the perfect one. The shoes I was eyeing either doesn't have a size for my feet or they ran out of stock. The adidas neo lite racer doesn't have the size and the shoe color that I want. The air jordan 1 low doesn't have a smaller size because it is a man shoe (lol). My mom keeps on telling me to save my money, and just buy in Hong Kong (finally we are pushing our trip this november. I'm so excited!!). But the reason I'm buying a shoe is so I can bring it in Hong Kong, and I really want to buy myself a gift.

So yesterday, I saw this nike roshe run in purple and pink at the mall. The colors are eye catching (I'm just bias because pink is my favorite color. The purple is cute too!). But I've read in some online reviews that roshe run shoes are being worn by people who think they are "cool" aka "teenagers" (see how judgmental people are?). Who cares? I love the colors and comfort wise? It feels comfortable to walk in it. See what I did there? Yup, I don't plan on using this baby when I go jogging. Its too cute to  just ruin it hahaha I'm wearing this on my casual and laid back days.

I ended up buying two shoes because I couldn't resist this white sneakers from Call It Spring. My original plan was to buy white and/or black shoes so I can match it on any outfits. This baby right here was love at first sight. It may not be as good as the air jordan 1 low but its way more cheaper. And its for women! Hahaha. When you touch it, you can feel that it is made from high quality materials. Its worth the price. :)

There was some serious mirror selfie going on in the fitting room yesterday (found the perfect fitting room for mirror selfies!) lol


I'm so in love with this red jacket. I think it looks good on me, and its perfect for our Hong Kong trip. But it was too expensive. :( Maybe next time. Nonetheless, I'm a happy birthday (not yet!) girl! :)

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