Monday, August 24, 2015

The wedding of our family friend, John Ray Lopez and his bride, Michelle Real was held yesterday at St. Therese church lahug. It was my first time to set foot there and it was beautiful. After having known each other for 8 years, they finally decided to bind themselves and get married. Wow! 8 years is such a long time and I wonder if I could find someone who would spend a lifetime to get to know and love me. A girl can dream! :)

Mom's best friends -- Dr. Gabuya and the mother of the groom, Auntie Edna.

And her other best friend -- Auntie Marites.

The groom is all smiles (one of my childhood friends).

The groom's parents.



These boys are way too cute!! I want to have babies as handsome as these two!! Like a fool, I was too mesmerized to even ask their names :( Look at those natural curls of the first one, way too cute!!

These kind of moments are priceless!

Two of mom's best friends (which are a couple). Every time City Councilor Jun sees me, he always tell me to marry his son because he thinks I'm pretty and a good match hahaha and my automatic reply is always this, "I haven't even seen him yet!". ohh well, I'm flattered. :)

Uhh Kim, you look like Sadako hahahaha love you!

She really loved her straight hair that she doesn't allow anyone even herself to touch it haha

I could never get enough with these handsome boys. Such an eye candy <3

The most gorgeous and sexiest woman that day (the brother turned sister of the groom). Her mom was furious of the outfit while her dad was being a good dad and a good sport.

Note: Because blogspot cannot accommodate in re-sizing my bigger sized pictures (the image will be pixelated unlike pictures taken with my iphone), I had to manually re-size it so that's why some of the portrait pictures are bigger.

I will be making a separate post of the reception in a while (I'm still editing it!).

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