Monday, August 24, 2015

The reception was held at Chateau de Busay. This place is so beautiful. You can taste the beauty of nature and you can see the city below. The structure of the building is beautiful too. That's why wedding receptions are held here because the aura feels romantic.

The only left slightly willing to take my picture, Kim, doesn't know how to set the camera so the photo of me is out of focus (I have to sharpen it twice to make it decent). I resorted to iphone to take my ootd since you don't need a lot of adjusting -- you just have to point and then shoot.

Love the setting <3

Hi there! Your personal photographer and driver of the day hahaha

Our childhood nanny (and the groom's family too!). Long live ate vivian! :)

I love this woman. She's so bubbly.

The parents of the two handsome boys.

The baby sister of the groom.

The couple sharing a sweet kiss <3

When asked about their relationship, the expressions on their faces were priceless.

Money dance (?).

Having fun on the dance floor. :)

Fireworks to end the occasion <3

Bathroom mirror selfies never go out of style :)

More beautiful at night :)

My favorite photo of mom.

And that's a wrap! I love weddings. They make you believe in love again. :)

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