Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What's in my small bag?

This is my recent bag purchase from Parfois. I'm still considering if I should make this my go to bag. Its a small lengthy bag which can only fit a small decent amount of things. Parfois is my current favorite store to shop for bags. They sell bags, shoes and accessories. I love their style!

My car keys. I don't own house keys which sucks by the way because whenever I go home late, I have to call someone from my family to let me in. I don't feel like a grown up. Lol.

I never go out without a rosary in my bag. Even my wallet has a rosary inside it.

Travel refillable bottle spray to house my favorite perfumes. I bring one or two perfumes with me. My go to perfume is Jennifer Lopez's Still Eau de Parfum. It smells unique and has that manly kind of scent to it (I think its tea) which I love so much. The other perfume bottle is DKNY be delicious roll on.

Lip balm menthol. I love anything menthol on my lips. Its cool.

I can't go out without these things or maybe without the powerbank.

Wallet from Parfois. I love big wallets that has a lot of card compartments. I can't help it though, I love collecting cards. Hahaha. Someone called it once a "miracle wallet" because it never ran out of money inside. Maybe because of the rosary? :)

Silvertec powebank 5200mAh. I scored it from my aussie friend.

Charger. I use it to play music in my car stereo, and in case my phone ran out of battery of course.

iPhone. I don't know any people who doesn't bring a phone with them except me. Just some days whenever I go out without a car or if I don't feel like it.

What's in my big bag?

All in one leather bag from So Fab! I don't know what its called but I call it "all in one" because it can be used as sling bag, handbag or backpack. I love using it as a backpack.

Car keys.

C.Booth lip gloss. Yes, you guessed it right -- its menthol!


Wrigley's Doublemint sugar free mints.

Bvlgari Pour Femme Eau de Parfum. I'm obsessed with perfumes and this is my current favorite. I love the girly powdery smell.

One thing I forgot to put in the picture is my White Flower. I always bring that thing with me so I have something to smell whenever I feel dizzy or having a bad headache. Perhaps its because my sinuses are inflamed. I feel like an old lady. Lol.

I seldom bring pen and my nook e-reader. Whenever I'm bored, I read on my nook or scribble on papers, tissue papers and receipts. Oh, I seldom bring my handy scrabble board too whenever I go out with friends. Just to have fun and kill time. And I'm still saving to buy a compact camera to bring with me any time. I love taking pictures.

And that's it! So what's in your bag? :)

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