The historic mountain of Manunggal

Friday, March 13, 2015

Me and my outdoor buddy Carla trekked to Mt. Manunggal last June 2014. We started our journey from Ayala at 8AM to park my car then rode in a V-Hire to Balamban for an hour. I couldn't risk bringing my car though because I'm not that familiar with the place and the road is very steep. We got out at Barangay Gaas at around 9AM. From there, we followed the trail on foot (you have the option to ride a vehicle). Getting lost won't be a problem though since there's an area were people lived so you can just ask.

If only I could fly, I would go places.

It took us 2 hours and wee minutes to reach the resting area. It was a slow trek because there's a lot of steep areas and my feet are about to give up so I have to sit a couple of times. I stopped my journey at the resting area because I was dehydrated and there's no store/home selling water. My friend Carla went down the stairs to where the engine of Pres. Magsaysay's plane is located. And also the names of the people who died in the crash and the camp site area. I don't have any pictures to post though.

After my friend toured the area, we stayed there for a while and did some jump and tumbling shots. Crazy right? We were supposed to save our energy and our body water but instead we were feeling hyper lol. And by some miracle, a guy with a motorcycle offered to take us to the highway for P50 each. We didn't think twice and accepted the offer right away because we were beat. It was already past 5PM. From the highway, we took another V-hire to Ayala. We walked for awhile at the mall, ate dinner and went home.
I was exhausted and sunburned but it was worth it. I will take any day just to be outside and trek my way to beautiful overlooking mountains. Right now, I'm dreaming of going to Zambales and Mt. Pulag. Hopefully soon! Huzzah!

Note: the pictures doesn't even give justice to how beautiful the place is and how much fun we had.

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