Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sorry for the overdue instagram post because the first week of July welcomed me badly. I was admitted at the hospital because I was sick again with dengue fever. It's twice now. I used to really love the rainy weather and now, I'm having a love and hate relationship with it. *sigh* I was busy recovering that I had an affair with our television and couch. Haha. I finished watching Pretty Little Liars Season 3 and Vampire Diaries Season 3. Yay! I need to look for a new series to watch. Insert: I am crushing on Joseph Morgan (Klaus)! ♥ And I'm catching up with my friends lately so we particularly hang-out and do food trips on these new shops that we discovered. I needed that because I have to question myself again. I kind of fell for someone and I know its wrong so I'm putting a distance. I don't want to risk it and it's the right thing to do. Ha! Enough of my rants and drama. :)

June 1
- (1) Heart pancake shaped with chocolate sauce bought by dad.
June 2
- (2-3) Went to Stakili Estaca Bay Garden Resort with dad, kim and three more people. I don't know if it was a fun day for me since I didn't swim but I enjoyed the food nonetheless. 
- (2) I miss you but you don't feel the same so the cold sea seems the best place to be.
June 4
- Downloaded a lot of National Geographic Traveler pdf magazine on my tablet for inspiration.
June 7
- Bought this cute ero iphone case. And just recently, there's a new shop that sold tons of iphone cases and there were a lot of cute cases, much cuter than the ero iphone case that I bought.
June 8
- My cousin treated me to a movie. We watched Prometheus and he kind of blamed me for choosing it because I really insisted that we watch it and it turned out to be a pretty bad movie. Lesson learned: Sometimes, you don't have to trust movie reviews. Haha.
June 9
- We were invited by the Mayor of Simala (his wife is my dad's best friend) to join them in celebrating the feast day of their barangay.
- (4) Me looking at this breathtaking view of the sea. It's a private resort owned by my dad's friend/client. I really loved it there!
- (5) The owner's pug. So cute!!!!
- Happy birthday to my lovey, Sheena Mae and her twin Shai. I went to a dinner with their family at Chika-an and then we looked for a place to hang-out (karaoke) after but it was full so we went at their house instead and I ended up sleeping there.
June 12
- Happy Independence Day! 
- Happy birthday to my aunt and to my pinchy friend, Dence.
June 13
- Went to my little sister's school for the orientation.
June 15
- (6-7) Witnessed a breathtaking sunrise at the top of Alta Vista Golf Club.
June 17
- (8) We celebrated father's day with a few drinks at Yo.U Bar.
June 19
- We made a great deal with my friend Paul's new iphone 4s. I'm so proud! Why am I posting this? Haha. 
- I had dinner and a long talk with my favorite people - Paul, Chet and Mimi.
June 21
- Changed my blog's header and background. I like it better now. :)
June 25
- So I discovered that I'm a type 1: The bright animated woman with a strong type 2: Soft subtle woman. It was epic!! Thanks to my aunt which is a nurse and a life coach by the way.
June 28
- Food tripped with my dad and lil' sister kim.
- (9) Triple cheesecake, coffee jelly and warm cup brownie at La Marea.
- (10) Yummy cupcakes at Cupcaken.

June reads:
The Fault In Our Stars by John Green
Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle
Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades #2) by E.L James
Paris, My Sweet: A Year in the City of Light (and Dark Chocolate) by Amy Thomas - idle.

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