Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I'm shy! (this photo will probably explain a lot about me. Haha)

I have an uncontrollable impulse to keep things organized, either alphabetically, numerically or according to size.

I am a compulsive shopper (well, not really). Even things that I don’t need, like perfumes. I just keep them on display in my closet.

I love the atmosphere of a bookstore. Even to just look around or to buy a simple notebook or pen for future use.

I have a weird sense of lounge wear fashion. I love to go through my brothers' closet for their shirts and shorts. I find them very comfortable especially the oversized ones.

I like to remember things through photographs.

I am a happy loner. I prefer to be alone with my thoughts.

Until to this point, I am still afraid that a monster is lurking at the foot of my bed, just waiting to drag me in to the dark abyss (I am very ashamed of this! Haha). *hides*

Whenever I feel lonely or completely broken, I escape into the world of books where I can jump into a completely different world where no matter where I am in the story; I am guaranteed a happy ending. Books give me a temporary escape and it keeps me sane.

I am a complete perfectionist when it comes to post-processing pictures that I took. It really takes me a lot of time.

Whenever I want to clear my mind off things, I'll just put on my headphones and pace around until I am completely exhausted.

I am OBSESSED with mint lip balm ever since someone gave me one!!

I have been told many times, maybe even scolded, by the people I care about, that I put other people's need before my own.

I'm not really vocal about how I feel. But I'm working on it!

» Ohh noes! Did I just sold (not sure if that's the right term to use) myself in public? I'm kind of weird, right? That's only few of what I am but surely, that's me!


Sugar, Spice, and everything nice!

She might as well have been, Powerpuff Girls’ long lost sister, for she already have the the ingredients to be one.

Sugar. Her sweet side that seems to be her strongest point. I have never met anyone who is as sweet, caring and loving as her. She have become one of those shoulders that a friend could cry on, and a friend that could confide their deepest and darkest problems and be confident that she would not let you down by telling other people.

Spice. Despite her constant refusal, I know that deep inside there is an confident, sexy minx just waiting for the right time to come out. A woman defiant of any insecurities and self destructive confidence.

And everything nice. A quality that she had over the years that never fails to amaze me.

A few more years of growth and I know that she would prove me right and become unstoppable of whatever (or whomever. haha) she sets her eyes on.

» Posting this again (I posted this at my previous blog) because I'm still in awe! If there's one person who know me very well (even I know less about myself), Ralphey is the perfect person you can ask to. We've known each other for a very long time. He's my childhood best friend. Now that I mentioned about it, I am one heck of a lucky person to have a best friend like him. I know this sounds cheesy (a part of me wished you won't get to read this! Haha) but I will forever keep you in my life. That's my promise.
You know I love you.

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  1. You thought I wouldn't read it? hahahaha....char....but in all seriousness, I meant every single word and more! You are and will always be my best friend. Distance and time is nothing to the bond that we share! Love yah bitz!
    And thanks to the kind words! It means a lot!

  2. Hahaha. Anyway, welcome back to blogger bitz!! I think Mimi will sign up here. She wants my help too! :)

  3. haahahah....maayo nuon.....i think chet has one but i dont know if paul does...


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