Thursday, December 15, 2011

Had a semi-impromptu (half planned) meet up with my two buds Mimi and Paul today. Originally, we only planned on staying at Mimi's crib to help shoot her wardrobe that will be sold online.

Sample photos. Too bad we don't have a model. Heee.

Beautiful flower at their backyard.

.. But we got bored, so we went outside and ate at the finest barbecue in town (as what Paul tweeted) *coughs*, Peggys BBQ Bulacao. Then we had chocolate sundae at Jollibee after to talk random things.

Ohh joy!!

Busy with their gadgets.

Sorry for the paul-spamming *inside joke* , but I can't resist the good lighting at his area.

The source of light. ILY!

We had fun even though we only spent a little time. I miss this two! BIG TIME!

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