Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last December 06, 2011, Me and Carla accompanied Kharen at PRC to apply for her license and to take the oath for Nurses. Unfortunately, she can't apply for the license since she took the board exam at Cagayan. *epic fail* But we convinced the workers at the PRC if she could just take the oath. Really, it took all our convincing powers. One worker was kind enough to consider our pleading so she agreed that Kharen can take the oath. Yay! I find the new oath weird though because you're going to take the oath one-on-one with someone (I don't know exactly the rank) from the PRC. After, we went to SM to have a little celebration. Well, we don't know exactly what we are celebrating since we were close enough to think that we haven't accomplished anything that day. Haha.

On our way to Northwing, we bump into a man who was carrying his Pug. So Carla and Kharen took the opportunity to take a picture with the Pug. Spotlight: PUG. Hurhur ~

A Magical Christmas at Northwing

The Village of Hope

Sarah Faye Macoy and Carla Marie Magno

Me and Kharen Rana

Had a snack at Mcdonalds.

Hello from the three of us!

Kharen went home early because she has a work and she hasn't had enough sleep. Left with nothing to do, me and Carla decided to sit and talk over coffee at Starbucks. I ordered Mocha Frap (my fave!) and Carla ordered Cold Green Tea Latte. But the bartender gave her a Hot Green Tea Latte. *fail* Since the hot beverage doesn't suit her taste, she gave it to me instead. Ha! So she went to KFC and bought herself a Mango Krushers. Haha. *very cute move* *pinches carla's cheeks*

Ohh hi there Carla! Enjoying your Latte so far?

» And again, the pictures are grainy and pixelated.

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