Thursday, February 04, 2016

Anyone who knows me can tell you that I love bookstores. I collect pens and papers solely because I love them. I discovered my love for journals since 2014 and I haven't stopped keeping one every year. Writing gives me the freedom to put into words how I feel and it also gives me a temporary reprieve whenever I feel sad. In a world where technology is rapidly growing, many of us communicate solely through our cellphones or computers, and they forget how wonderful it is to pick up a pen, be in the moment to collect your thoughts and commit them into paper. I'm not gonna lie, I express my feelings too through social media platforms because its much easier and you secretly want (some!) other people to agree with your point, but I always believe that the old way is much better. You can write whatever you want and there will be no one to judge you.

There are a lot of reasons to keep a journal. Mine are:
  • Firstly because I love to write.
  • I like to remember things.
  • I rarely use the calendar app in my cellphone because I still love to see the calendars in my journal written with schedules especially when its full.
  • To keep tabs on my financials. I love to highlight them so that I will know my savings and expenses.
  • I do a lot of lettering especially motivational quotes to keep me positive and motivated.
  • To keep track on my goals in life. 
  • To improve my writing, vocabulary and penmanship.
  • Stress relief.
  • The soliloquy it gives me is no other.

When I saw this Q&A A Day: 5 year journal online, I knew I need to get my hands on it. Just knowing that I have to commit 5 years to write it got me giddy inside because I can look back at my past self, and know how different is that girl from the present time or how far in life I am (its like I'm time traveling). And it will also challenge my sanity with different questions especially the personal ones.

See the cover and the gold design in the sides? I love it! It is like you are transported in time where technology doesn't exist. Do I make sense here? Lol. The bookmark is not included.

There are different questions everyday so you will not get bored.

I bought this from Amazon for $9.60 + shipping fee. I asked my friend in the US to buy it for me since the shipping fee there is much cheaper. You can also buy this at Fullybooked for P680 but they are out of stock for now. I asked them when will they get stocked and they told me probably this month so you can ask them to reserve you a copy.

The other book in the picture is also from the same publishing company, Chronicle books. They have the cutest themed journals and stationery. I want them all. :)

Hello to a more productive year. :)

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