Sunday, February 05, 2012

What is Instagram? Instagram is a photo&video app for ios. It says, "a fun & quirky way to share your life with friends through a series of pictures. Snap a photo, then choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever." I don't know if it is also available for android and blackberry phones. I enjoyed this app more since I can follow people who are in to #iPhonegraphy. You can download instagram here. Okay, why am I endorsing this? Haha. I'll make it a point to post all my phone captured photos here in my blog every end of the month since I don't usually carry my dslr with me.
Warning: Emotional entry!

January 1
- (1) Mcdonalds fries. My parents left me and my lil' sister at Mcdonalds because they went to the casino. Urgh they welcomed the new year through gambling. tsk.
January 7
- (3) California Maki. Had an early dinner with mom and lil' sister at Tempura.
- (2) I planned on sleeping at the sofa just because I kept on remembering day 26.
January 8
- (4) Mocha Slush. Late lunch still with mom and lil' sister at Dessert Factory.
- Late night, we went to SRP to ride the rides. Heck! I won't ride that roller coaster and ferris wheel again. Those rides gave me a terrible headache, and a wave of nausea and syncope.
January 15
- (5) My crappy henna tattoo during Sinulog.
- I wasn't planning on going out that day but I was adamant on getting drunk so I went out with some unexpected company.
January 20
- (6) I was bored so I took that picture from our laptop.
- Well, not really bored because I was crying hard. Betrayal sucks!
January 22
- (7) Hello Kitty iPhone case.
- I bought my iPhone. I was super happy. Funny that I bought the case first before my phone. Haha. I'm so broke right now.
January 24
- (8) Caramel Creme at Gelatissimo.
- (9) Coffee Caramel Frappuccino at Starbucks. My fave!
- (10) Boy on a lollipop. Uhh no. A lollipop shaped like a boy.
- You have no idea how pissed I am on that day but I'm not gonna talk about it.
January 25
- (11) Shian Klarice Reambonanza. An angel who made me smile.
- I look horrible that day. I was crying real hard because I/we discovered something that we are on denial before. And we had a shoot for an online shop and I haven't had the energy to hold my camera so I let my friend do the job.
January 28
- (12) Cookies & Cream Cake at Dessert Factory.
- (13) Underworld tickets. First time on IMAX and I've got to say "wow!" on the movie and on the theater.
- Early morning, that was a mistake but I won't ever regret it. Why? Because I poured my heart and also my soul on it. It was one of the best feeling I had so far. I was spellbound! That memory took my breath away. But I don't know if it will happen again.
- Lunch till afternoon, me and my siblings had a serious talk with Dad. He told us everything (life changing revelations). It felt like I was slapped real hard on the face for the first time. After the talk, I felt numb. I was expecting to cry but the tears just won't fall. I wanted to scream (well, not with all the people around us) but I just kept my mouth shut. Maybe I was not functioning properly because I only had a few hours of sleep. Ha! Long gone my innocent days. Hello cruel reality!
January 29
- (14) Mogu-Mogu Strawberry drink. New fave!
- (15) First driving lesson. And I learned that I won't ever let my Dad teach me again. Ever. Who wants to be yelled at every move you make anyway?
- (16) I miss you. The worst part is, you're not even mine to miss.
January 31
- (17) Mocha Fudge Cream at S&R. Had a heavy lunch (chicken w/ rice, huge size one slice pizza, french fries and two large ice tea drinks) with my aunt. It was my first time at S&R and I went giddy when I found out that they sell Ben&Jerry and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream. Yay!
- (18) Free jollibee dinner. I went with my other aunt to see her practice her speech with two of her mentors for the upcoming Toastmaster's event.
- (19) Late snacks at Mcdonalds. Large fries and iced mocha coffee.
- I was pissed a wee hours before we went home with my Dad. Then, me and my lil' brother went to my Lola's house to talk about things and we ended up crying. I didn't went home. I just broke down and decided to lock myself at my aunt's room before. I haven't slept until 7am. I welcomed the first day of February with a huge eye bags. So epic!

» Gaaaaah! I'll make a mental note to really buy a daily planner/journal next year because I'm still using my old notebook. I started writing my daily memories just last October 08, 2011. And I'll immediately start my budget planning when I get my next job albeit I don't normally spend that much on things. Anyway, my life seems to suck right now. I'm starting to worry about my mom. She's not eating well. She only consumes a huge amount of liquids particularly gatorade. Urgh. And she lost a lot of weight lately. Haaaay what will I do with you? But I can't afford to breakdown again because I need to be strong to look out for my siblings and my mom. And honestly speaking, I couldn't call our house a home anymore. Haaaaaaay. Sorry.

» You have no idea how I badly long to have someone to hold me and to tell me that everything will be alright. Haaaay but for now, maybe, I should kiss my chance at love goodbye? I just realized that I love myself less now because of the happenings. I have nothing to give right now. I don't want to be selfish. Huhu. :( I only feel better when I'm with my friends, when I'm reading a book and when I'm praying. I still have a lot to learn from life and a lot of growing up to do. Help me God. "Each day, I lose pieces of myself. I tried my best and held on till there was no more but what feels like slipping sand between my fingers."

» Sorry for the rants.

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