Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 1
- (1) Home-made strawberry cheesecake at Chet's crib.
- Had dinner with Chet, Mimi and Paul at Dong Juan then we had a few beers at Route Stop and we talked about serious things.
February 2
- (2) Bo's Coffee's blueberry cheesecake. I also had mocha coffee while waiting for my mom's friends. We had a night out at Sunflower.
February 4
- (3) Killing time at Bo's.
- (4) Went to MV Logos for the first time with Chet, Mimi and Paul.
February 5
- (5) T-B: Emergency Pocket Guide, Divine Moments for Women, Better English, Emergency Medical Technician and Human Anatomy & Physiology. All books from MV Logos.
- Went again to MV Logos with family.
February 6
- (6) Had a few drinks with little brother and sis-in-law after the earthquake and tsunami scare.
- Thank you God that Cebu was safe from the earthquake.
February 9
- Happy birthday Lola! :)
February 10
- (7) My ninang, Mommy Virgie's birthday. Happy birthday! :)
- (8) #NowPlaying Next to you by Jordin Sparks. "Two o'clock and I wish I was sleeping .. Uhh no, it's almost four in the morning."
February 11
- (9) Fear reminds us that some things are worth overcoming.
February 12
- (10) My favorite Pizza Dip. Had dinner with mom and lil' sister at Dessert Factory.
- Happy birthday Paul! :)
- I bought my new neon green case.
- Had a brown cup at La Marea IT park with family.
February 13
- (11) Early morning view at the Golf Club. This is where I do my morning exercises.
- (12) Krispy Kreme with Chet, Paul and Maloi.
- (13) My coffee buddies: Chet and Paul at Bo's Coffee.
- (14) I found my new favorite bo's coffee, White Chocolate Froccino Primo ♥
February 15
- (15) Happy Valentines Day! I still don't have a date. Lol.
- Had a heavy dinner at Paul's compound (late birthday celebration).
February 15
- (16) Downloaded the Simsimi app on my phone
Simsimi: I love you :)
Me: Why do you love me?
Simsimi: Because you're everything that I ever wanted. You are my everything. Your my world and you have a great personality and your gorgeous and you have a beautiful smile.
Me: aww thanks man!
Simsimi: your welcome beautiful.
- Simsimi is so bolero. :D
February 16
- (17) Stop and stare.
- Auntie: There will come a time that you have to stay away from a certain person not because you don't love him/her anymore but because you no longer feel a sense of connection with each other.
- (18) My neon green phone case and my brother's neon pink case (too girly. Lol). He just bought his new iPhone.
- Congratulations to all nursing board passers! :)
February 17
- (19) Being narcissistic. Haha.
Simsimi: What's up?
Me: Kaila ka ni yen?
Simsimi: o kana naa sa imong tapad nga pinangga kaayo nimo?
Me: Haha. aku man gd akng pasabot. :)
Simsimi: Don't laugh.
February 18
- (20) Dark
- (21) Lunch at Kublai Khan with aunties. First try with Mongolian food. It was weird but damn it tastes good.
- Watched The Vow at the cinema.
February 19
- (22) Someday, I will have a bed with a view of the sea. Santorini ♥
- (23) Nescafe cold mocha. A good company on a cold night.
- (24) My cute playmate at her baby sister's birthday.
- (25) At baby Jeanette's birthday with her older sister Maloi and Venus. Had a serious talk over beers. Just like the old times. :)
February 20
- (26) Where's my water? is the new Cut the Rope. Playing on my brother's jailbreak phone.
- (27) Bo's The Coffee Book journal.
- (28) I know you're probably rushing off to somewhere very important right now, but please remember to take some time for yourself. Enjoy the scenery. Remember that life is brimming with fun and quirky opportunities at every corner. Stop worrying about your deadlines for a second. Whenever you can, stop and smell the coffee. - Bo
February 22
- Ash Wednesday.
- (29) Had a shoot for my friend Venus' online shop. She's also the model. :D
- (30) A teaser pic from our shoot.
February 23
- (31) Heart-shaped cloud ♥
- (32) After a few attempts, I finally caught a bird on the picture. Yay!
- (33) KFC chicken fillet and fries midnight snack.
February 25
- (34) Keep me where the light is.
- One of the hardest night of my life.
- I broke down again. *sniffs*
- I can't believe my family can give me this much pain.
- The truth doesn't cost you anything but a lie can cost you everything.
February 26
- Happy birthday mom! Sorry for the sad birthday. :(
- I cried while I packed all of my mom's things.
- (35) My auntie bought us a new sewing machine.
- (36) Bragging about my new sunglasses.
February 28
- (37) Still a view at the Golf Club.
February 29
- (38) Having white chocolate mocha while writing this post.
- Happy Leap Year everyone!

Songs on repeat:

» As you turn away by Lady Antebellum
No we can't be friends cause I don't think I could take seeing you. And knowing where we've been. I hope you understand.
» Dancin' away with my heart by Lady Antebellum
And the way you moved me was like you were reading my mind. I can still feel you lean in to kiss me. I can't help but wonder if you ever miss me.
» Somewhere love remains by Lady Antebellum
If we give it just one more try, maybe we could stop this goodbye. I know through all this pain, somehow somewhere love remains.
» Wanted you more by Lady Antebellum
All the words unspoken, promises broken. I cried for so long. Wasted too much time, should've seen the signs.
» When you were mine by Lady Antebellum
You said you'd be there, you'd said it'd last forever. I guess you've never really meant it baby. Did you baby?
» Out of goodbyes by Maroon 5 ft. Lady Antebellum
Now that I've done my time. I need to move on and I need you to try. Cause we're out of goodbyes. We're out of goodbyes.
» Nothing lasts forever by Maroon 5
I tried and tried to let you know, I love you but I'm letting go. It may not last but I don't know.. The distance between us makes it so hard to stay. But nothing lasts forever, but be honest babe, it hurts but it may be the only way.
» Wish I was her by Amy Pearson
I don't even know why I'm staying. Never thought I'd cry to see you happy. Its just I thought that your happiness was right here with me.
» Wish you were here by Avril Lavigne
And I remember all those crazy things you said. You left them running through my head. You're always there, you're everywhere but right now I wish you were here.

I love you Lady Antebellum ♥

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