Friday, July 17, 2015

My best friend, Venus' boyfriend promised her that they will celebrate her graduation and board exam passing when he goes on vacation here in Cebu. Being a businessman, he rarely has a chance to go on vacation so it was a blessing for the both of them that yesterday was the start of his one week vacation. We went to fetch him at the airport at around 2PM. We got stuck in traffic so I dropped them off at around 4:45PM at their hotel, Quest Hotel. Me and my sister waited for them at Ayala, Happy Lemon.

Cocoa with rock salt and cheese hmmm :)

See their height difference? Lol. The dinner celebration was held at Cafe Laguna, Ayala.

The lovely couple.

Cutting her cake, Tiramisu from Vanille.

Gata-ang (coconut) shrimp. I love the broth because gata is my favorite. :)

Baked scallops. I still love Chika-an's though.

Kare-kare. I love their bago-ong.

Bulalo. Three dishes that I forgot to take a picture are chopseuy, buttered chicken and pancit bihon.

The group: Kim, my mom, Venus, Johan, Kim (Venus' cousin), Glee, me and Paul. Not in the picture: Mimi and Venus' father.

After dinner, we went to shop for awhile.

Photo bombed by Paul lol

Since its Mimi's new iphone, we just had to make use of it. Funny that me and Paul had the same agenda in mind, looking for any evidence in her phone if she really is dating someone new hahaha.

We went to Family KTV, Crossroads to grant Venus' favorite past time -- karaoke. We only chugged a few beers though (yay for improvement. Good bye drunken days lol).

Our little big girl is secretly a singer. :D

Even if we don't get to see and speak everyday, we will always be in each other's hearts. My forever friends! I love these bunch. <3

Paul's best moments. I just had to post these!! Lol

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