JULY 10, 2015

Monday, July 13, 2015

Our friend Kharen from Agusan (not exactly sure where the location is), decided to treat us by sending us money. I don't know why she was feeling generous when in fact she has a lot of responsibilities back home. But thank you nonetheless. :) We decided to devour ourselves in a sumptuous meal with no regrets (we both are counting our calorie intake haha) at Casa Verde. 

Carla ordered their famous Brian's ribs.

Mine is chicken fingers with mashed potato on the side. I've learned not to eat white rice anymore.

Ordered an extra baked potato soup which is also good. Sorry for the bad photo for we are far more distracted with our growling stomachs because it was already past lunch time.

Went straight to Ayala to catch up with Sheena. She really loves Minions so she bought with her three opened toys from her collection of happy meals (toys opened from the plastic packaging and toys still sealed from the packaging. Crazy right? lol). I love the vampire minion, the one on the right side.

Sheena told me that her sister's boyfriend was planning to propose to her sister but wants to wait until he gets to ask their parents' permission first. Its nice to know that there are still some men who respects and asks permission first to the girl's parents to take her hand for marriage. All hope is not lost, people! Congratulations Ate Darlene and Sam for your engagement yesterday! :)

Our pretty friend Lucky who finally decided to show up. She's always late so no surprise there lol

Had dinner at Sbarro. I ordered baked ziti with white sauce. Their garlic bread is my favorite. :)

Caught up with Lucky and Sheena's friends -- Pearl and girlfriend (I'm not really good at remembering names haha) at Happy Lemon.  Talked until the mall closed.

The only regret I had this day is, I wasn't able to take an instagram worthy ootd picture. I'm in a dress which you rarely see me in one! And would you believe me if I say that I was too shy to ask them to take a picture of me? Lol. Sayonara!

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