Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This pictures are taken last July 05, 2011 when Chet (from manila) and Ralphey (from Oklahoma) had a vacation here at Cebu. I just feel like blogging it because I terribly miss my friends and the place was adorable. It was our first time to visit there. We really enjoyed the colorful and irresistible place. I hope to visited there again with them soon.

We just arrived at the place and we were like, "Whoa!".

My Tigbak Mafia Family. I so love them!

Reading a book over teas (for a change but we still love coffee).

And we also do multi-tasking. Playing cards, playing snake and ladder, texting, surfing the net through our iphones/ipods, smiling for the camera and enjoying our drinks.

The three ladies in the group.

Hello everyone, I'd like you all to meet our manager. Haha. He is sitting like a boss!

Seriously, who doesn't love this place? Very colorful and their teas are yummy.

» I have no idea why the pictures are grainy and pixelated.

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